2020 Class Schedule

10:30am to 12:30pm

Heninger Room
Sylvan Way location of Kitsap Regional Library

(unless otherwise noted)

                                          THE GENEALOGY CENTER IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. 

                          All classes and programs are cancelled for the remainder of 2020.

Call 360-475-9172 to register or visit the PSGS Genealogy Center at Sylvan Way.


Jan 25 (Sat) Class: Google Earth 
Feb 4 (Tues) Class:  Military Records by Megan Churchwell


Mar 3 (Tue) CANCELLED- Evernote:  The Genealogist's Best Friend
Mar 7 (Sat) Class: Ancestry.com  with Janet Camarata
Mar 28 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: FamilySearch.org with Janet Camarata.   Indexed, Un-Indexed and Foreign Records.
Apr 4 (Sat) CANCELLED Class:  Google Search and Worldcat with Janet Camarata
Apr 7 (Tue) CANCELLED Class:  Google Earth with Joleen Aitchison
Apr 25 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: Google Books and Internet Archive with Janet Camarata
May 2 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: Wikis and Facebook Groups & Pages with Janet Camarata
May 5 (Tue) No Class scheduled
May 23 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: Find-A-Grave with Janet Camarata


Jun 2 (Tue)  No Class
Jun 6 (Sat)  CANCELLED Class: Introductions/Vital Records with Janet Camarata
Jun 27 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: Software Programs/Census Records with Janet Camarata
Jul 7 (Tue) No Class
July 11 (Sat) No Class
Jul 25 (Sat) No Class
Aug 1 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: Transcription/Research Planning with Janet Camarata
Aug 4 (Tue)  No Class
Aug 22 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: Sources/Citations/Cemeteries with Janet Camarata


Sep 1 (Tue) CANCELLED Class: Evidence/Obituary/Newspapers with Janet Camarata
Sep 26 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: Journal/City Histories/Google Books with Janet Camarata
Oct 6 (Tue) CANCELLED Class: TBA
Oct 24 (Sat) CANCELLED Class: TBA
Nov 3 (Tue) CANCELLED Class: TBA